PSX in france

I know this is off topic, but you are my friends and I know you know the answer.

Can you use a UK, PAL playstation with UK games on a french TV? I want to export one of my machines to france as an xmas present.

It depends on the TV. But most TVs sold in france do support both. France uses SECAM-L TV signal format, while UK uses PAL-I format. You’ll have to ask them if their TV supports PAL-I in their TV manual. Blame, just to let you know I moved this to a new thread.

Truman my thanks. Perhaps best to delete or move this thread again…It hardly belongs in “optical storage technical discusions”.

Actually, it depends on the TV.

If the TV is “new” (after 95), then it should support PAL color signal and the standard composite cable sold with the PSX should be enough to play the games in color.

If the TV does not support PAL (but only SECAM), you can still play with the standard composite cable, but your games will be in black&white…
To solve this (play in color on old TV sets), you can to use a scart RGB cable (provided the TV has a scart plug, ie >1980). As color signals are separated on RGB cables, the TV will display them without any problems.