PSX IMG files... how can I extract the files in them?


I’m trying to extract files from an .IMG file of a PSX game. I would imagine this is similar to ISO, however, no ISO programs (MagicISO, UltraISO) can read it; renaming the file with .iso does not work, either.

There has to be a way to extract the files. Does anyone know how?

mount it on a virtual drive and treat it like a regular cd.

virtual clone drive, nero virtual drive, daemon tools, alcohol 120%, poweriso…anything with a virtual drive program should be able to deal with it.

Ok, I’m using Daemon tools. I copied the .img file from the CD to my hard drive and mounted that image onto a drive. What next?

good question…I wouldn’t mind hearing the answer either

I have it mounted from the DISC using Daemon Tools… now I’m in Alcohol 120.

No see you don’t get it. You use Daemon Tools ONLY. Then go to my computer find the disc. Right click> Explore. Then select all the files then copy them off the disc where ever you want.

once you have them mounted if you go into my computer you can explore the drive as if it were a normal cd. copy and paste whatever files you need off of the disc to do whatever you were going to do.

also, i’m 99% sure magicISO can read IMG files (you said it couldn’t above).

When I try to explore it windows says it can’t read the drive.

where did you get the .IMG file? if it’s a disc image file then you should be able to view it this way. there’s the possibility that it is corrupted or that it has the wrong extension.

not sure what to tell you then unless there’s something specific to video games that I’m missing (I’m not a game expert by any means)

maybe someone else will have another suggestion then.

It’s a Squaresoft game… I’m sure they are using some weird customized image format.

Anyway, I found this:
Seems to be working…