Psx help!



having problems with rollcage, soul reaver,and other games which have some sort of copy protection. someone help me out.


Try the MegaGames site.


Soulraever is protected but Rollcage not look at the site the chosen1 give you for the cracks


have u got your program & windows setup right??? Roll Cage will just copy OK.

Go here for setup

and here for cracks


rollcage copied fine if i start my game enhancer with the original rollcage but not with any other psx disc.
how many discs do you trash when you turn the error massages off? and do you bother with a test run


Had the same problem with StreetSk8ter. Check out the number of tracks on the game en try to start with an original with (about)a the same number of tracks. For Streetsk8ter a multitrack did the job. Good luck.



I use nero for all my psx games and I usually don’t have any problems with reading and burning the discs.
you just have to set the right read options like ignore read errors.
if you have any questions mail me

grtz Flare


i’ve found the backups are fine the problem appears to be with the game enhancer plug in mod chip. the backups work ok with internal mod chips. anyone know any way round this?


Which programm are you using because you can’t copy playstation games with adaptec you’d better use nero!



Spong, you are faced with one of the disadvantages of the gameenhancer. Like I told you before, the problem is the number of tracks on the cd. It has nothing to do with the program you burned the cd with. The original cd has one datatrack an several audiotracks. You can check that in CDRwin or Nero (CDinfo). When you start your console with an original its reads the TOC. If you start up with an original containing only one track and you put in your copy with several tracks, the copy is not accepted because of the diffent TOC. You can overcome this by using a original with more tracks. A demo with several games on it will usually do the job.


I find that if you start with the ‘DEMO 1’ disc to boot up with most of the backups will work. Demo 1 disc has a lot of audio tracks on it which you will need for the enhancer, but not for the chip.

Look at this NEW site about PSX backup’s and ‘how to’s’ it’s very good.

Send an E-mial if you find the site of any help to you, and post the address on the forum’s.
I will be moving to my own soon.