Psx gamez



Hi, my problem is that my copies of:

Fifa 2000,
Trickin Snowboarding,
Medal of Honour,
Formula 1 '99
LE mans 24 hours,

doesn’t work! How to fix that? doesn’t have the crackz. Could somebody help me?

Greetz JP.


Heee Jp,

Did the pentagon board give you not the answers

Hope for you that somebody overhere does.

Did you rebuild your playstation yet??

aka as best friend TerroR

Ps…o look here:


What Burning Software are you using? What CDr do you have? I own a Philips CdrW, and use Nero. I recommend Nero, if your not using it already. From the games that you listed, I’ve only burned Medal of Honor. The copy was successful and works great. By the way, if you have a PAL CD format, go to, most PAL require a patch I think. NTSC format don’t require one.


oooops. Sorry, I put a “,” at the end of the url… here it is again


go to

      greetz mil