Psx games



:frowning: Hi, ive backed up various psx games using clone cd, i have now had a few games which i backup that copy ok but when i try them they dont load up propely, they just stick at one point, these games include the italian job, toca touring, lma manager 2002, any suggestion why... I have a zip cd 650 writer.. Thanks


i’ve always used easy cd creator, or winon cd 3.8 and touch wood have not had a coaster yet!!!

cheers mike d:cool:


Some PSX games use the Libcrypt copy protection (e.g. Medievil, FE2 or DinoCrisis, all PAL/german). You have to select “Don’t correct subchannels” on writing (CloneCD). If you cannot select this option, your writer doesn’t support this.
BTW, this cp has NOTHING to do with MOD chips, they are needed in EVERY case, because no “official known” writer can record the barcode needed for a 1:1 backup.


According to the CloneCD supported hardware lists your writer writes in RAW-DAO16 and you need, like little-endian suggested, RAW-DAO96 for protected PSX games.