PSX games when PSX2 comes out



Do you think it's to buy a psx around june this year ? When the PSX 2 comes will there be games manufactured for the PSX 1 ?




Don’t buy PSX 1 wait until PSX 2 come out, because its backward compatible, PSX 2 will play PSX 1 cds. So I don’t think PSX games will die that fast.


i think that i buy a psx 2 when it comes out because it’s backward compatible and can play dvd and vcd discs ???
Does anyone what the price will be and when does it come out in europe ?



and whats up with all my backups?

i still need a psx 1!


Just like dark_joker said you still must have your psx to play your backups, unless you can wait until they found a modchip for the new psx2.


i just wait a few months because the first versions are mostly not so good (i think) and later on the psx 2 will become cheaper and the first modchips will arrive


Good idea, my friend