PSX games on my ps2 problem



Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

I have A small PS2 with the Matrix Infinity Chip. If i want to play DVD-Video and backupped :cop: PSX games i have to hold the ON/OFF button for about 3 sec. Otherwise they won’t work i don’t know of this is normal. :rolleyes: Also if i play PSX games (all of them PAL) that are backupped (i didn’t try original PSX Games Yet…) will play perfectly but i always see at the bottom a black beam like in the 4:3 Letterbox but only the black beam at the bottom so i got like 75% filled with the game and 25% is black my tv is very old :stuck_out_tongue: it doesn’t even support NTSC :a but is this a tv problem or my ps2? also do i need a RGB cable instead of the EURO-AV cable?

:bow: Please help me :confused: