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My Legend of the Dragoon disk 2 for PSOne is shot. I have a backup copy saved on my hard drive as an ISO, but I would like to know before I go out and buy a CD-R (since I am currently out): I am playing the game on a PS2; is there a way to play the backup copy on my PS2 without owning a gameshark or mod chip?


Welcome ldb88,

you could try swap magic


So basically, I have to buy something in order to use the disk?


^ Yes.


Swap Magic 3 MUST be used with easy no-soldier mod-chip -OR- Slide Tool / Flip Top Cover.
doesnt this mean we HAVE to modify our ps2 to play the games? the english on that website isn’t exactly that great.

edit: oh, much further below they repeat it but they actually wrote legibly.

Must work together with no solder mod-chip, Slide Tool or Flip Top Cover

edit 2: where would i find a mod for my ps2 that allows for playing backup’s of ps1 and ps2 games? (i care not for game shark and cheats) my model is 39002 and my region would be PAL 4.