PSX Game Cracker




Does anybody know if this thing works, so I can play my own personal back-ups on my Playstation?





Yes,the game cracker works perfect.And it is the easiest way to be able to play copied and imported games



Yes, it works, just plug it into your io-controller of your playstation.

Insert an original cd, and set your playstation on, and leave it open, and when the cd stops spinning replace it with the copied cd.


Oh, so it’s not like a mod-chip, you have to replace the cd?


Yes, you have to replace the cd’s.
If you don’t want to you better buy a modchip, but than you loose your warranty.

I prefer to replace the cd’s so i can still claim a new psx, when something must go wrong. What you can’t if you have a modship, and if you solder him wrong, the music and other things might be corrupted.