Psx Final Fantasy trouble

Hi, I have ePSXe and I also downloaded the .rar file of Final Fantasy VIII. In the .rar is a .bin file and a .cue file. I use WinRAR to extrace the files, however when I try to i get 2 messages:

C:\Users\Name\Desktop\Final Fantasy VIII [Disc1of4] [U] [SLUS-00892].part11.rar: You need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack Final Fantasy VIII [Disc1of4] [U] [SLUS-00892].bin


C:\Users\Name\Desktop\Final Fantasy VIII [Disc1of4] [U] [SLUS-00892].part11.rar: No files to extract

I suggest you reread the rules you agreed to when signing up here and buy the game legally.

We do not allow illegally downloaded software here!

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