Psx Copy



I have the following Problem...
In earlier times i got a Philips 3610 CD recorder and every Playstaion Copy worked fine.Now i got a Teac CDr 58s and when i make an Image with CDRwin and burn the Image the game won`t work.Also when i copy on the Fly and set to ignore errors the copy wont work.I always made the image with my Asus CD rom .I burned at 6 or 8 speed.
My Pc:
PIII 500
196 MB
Asus 50Xmax
Teac CDR58s
Voodoo III

Any Ideas?


Set the reader to your TEAC.
You do know that you have to use cd’s with a green dye color, like the philips premium silver.


Maybe your ASPI drivers are old or bad…
Try with CdrWin 3.8A, it bypass winzoz aspi drivers…