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If you’re interested in copying PSX (Playstation) CD’s, you should check this FAQ. It contains methods to copy PSX cd’s with many different recording software. Also information about protections can be found here.

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for the ps2(slim)playing copied games is easy block the three sensors and when you power your ps2 with the cover up it should spin. put in regular ps1 game and let it spin take it out when it gets to the ps1 logo screen.stop the regular disc and put in your bootlegged one and it should boot from there. for information on how to block the 3 sensors contact do not need a mod chip for ps2 slim to play ps1 video games.block sensors let spin with top open and when ps1 logo appears take the regular game out and put in you ps1 bootleg!

for ps1 system which i don’t fool with anymore is a different story. and go to or contact me on how to block them you need tape only? nothing extra