PSX Burning... (Tell me if i'm doing this right...)



ok, in cdrwin…

Error recovery: Ignore
Read Retry count: 90 or higher

anything else?

i have tried duping ps games several times…
these are the settings everyone i have talked to says dupes it perfectly… but they dont play in my ps (i do have a mod) altho they play perfectly in VGS (which isnt even supposed to play dupes…)

I wanna know if this is the fault of my modchip or not… if so i’ll kick the shit out of the guy that installed it :slight_smile:

anything else that may be needed to know:
i’m using a memorex cd-rw4224 (ide) with sony/fuji/tdk cdrs

if ne1 can help i’d appreciate it :slight_smile:


I use 3.8 here is what works for me
“Copy Raw” all psx games
“Error Recovery” to “Ignore”
“Jitter Correction” to “Disable”
“Subcode Analysis” to Fixed for multiple audio tracks, Auto for mode 1 or mode 2 or multiples
“Ready Recount” at least 50
Data and Audio to 1x for best results
Good Luck!!