Psx Burning help needed

Well I got from an anonymous source disk one/two of chrono cross and I want to save room on my hard drive by burning it to a CD. Disck one is an image file that has the .ccd format. So naturaly I used clonecdand burnt a copy of the image file with all the other files that were in the folder: image file, .sub, and .ccd. After the burn was complet I put the cd into my d drive and a screen popped up that showed what was on the cd. There was two files, one saying SLUS_010.41 and another saying system with a pic of a computer.

So I tried using different software and burnt it four more times…I figured five would be it…but it wasnt. So I searched the hell out of google and found the clonyxxl software and so then I figured out that the cd that I burnt was encrypted with libcrypt. I really dont know anything about encriptions… i dont even know how to spell it. If you guys could help me out with what my problem is and how do I fix it that would be awsome! Thanks. oh and I dont know if this means anything but I can play the games on my epsxe emulator. I will not be playing the games on a psx. There was nothing illegal about how I got the games.

Unless you are your own anonymous source then there is certainly something illegal about it.

yes I am the anonymous person.

I think not…your other thread:

So we will be locking this one also :cop: