PSX boot disk and backups - HELP!

I will start by saying I am not downloading games or anything like that, just creating backups of my rare games so I can play those and keep the real ones safe.

Ok, I downloaded the bootdisk (the cracked yaroze one), the readme says:

"Smersh Console Division Presents the biggest breakthru on the PSX scene!

PSX-Boot CD: To use copied cd’s with non-modded psx’es!

Some Kind Anonymous Person (I don’t even know who it was) sent me a .ISO image
made with EZ CD Pro 2.1 for Windows 95 of the BootUp CD Used with the Yaroze!!
Then another kind anonymous person Cracked it for us! Get it here if you are
interested. Its about 800k zipped and 43 MEGS unzipped. Talk about compression!

For those of you who dont know shit, the yaroze is a playstation development
system, capable of running homemade cd’s, first run this cd, then run your
homemade cd. Ofcouse the folks at playstation made a copy protection, so that
this CD could not run on any playstation without the special Yaroze keycard
(looks like a memory card), however this have been cracked :slight_smile:

here’s how to make this thing work:

  1. Burn this image to a CD using Adaptec EZ CD Pro 2.1
  2. Run this CD on your playstation
  3. Insert and Play your copied cd’s without needing a modded psx!
    … Repeat steps 2 and 3 each time you wish to play a copied CD."

But I can’t get that program. Someone said use CDRWin, but I cannot figure that damn thing out, that is THE most confusing program I’ve ever used. Can someone please take me STEP BY STEP (using whatever method works) to get my .iso file burnt to disk so it will boot up in my playstation. Also, how do I use this? Do I just put it in my Playstation, wait until it tells me then swap disks?

And how do I make backups? Do I just put the disk in and make a direct copy? What’s the best program? What’s the best speed? Anything special I need to know?

Thanks everyone.

Okay buddy, first of all that thing is BS. You cannot download an image of a bootdisc and have it work. Think about it, a PSX will not read a backup of a game so why on earth would it read a backup of a bootdisc. It requires the same original bootup information that is on the original PSX game discs, so a copy isn’t going to work. YOU MUST HAVE THE ORIGINAL SWAP/BOOTDISC IN ORDER FOR IT TO WORK!!! Second if you are just doing a PS1, you are talking about a 4-7 wire modchip soldering job. If you have at least a semi-steady hand you could easily do this. Or you could just track down the original swap disc or the PSX equivalent of an action replay. Both of which work fine. You will need a spring for the fliptop as well.

You’re absolutely sure? I’ve seen plenty of people on boards like this saying it works perfectly fine.

Ok, so what about creating the backups?

Can you tell me how to do the swap method? I’ve looked all over and all I can find are very unclear instructions.

Go for a modchip. Costs a few bucks and you’re fine. Those swap disk like things have never worked perfectly and probably never will. (games that have some anti mod protection and check the disk during the play will fail with any kind of swap disk…) Anyway, making a backup is quite easy, using alcohol for example, or CDRWin will do the job. Anyway, onyone who releases a “bootdisk” in an old Adaptec EasyCD Pro 2.1 format cannot be serious. :slight_smile: How could a simple ISO store any boot information ? The thing they talk about and you should plug into the memcard slot is nothing else but a action replay like thing… The .ISO can be burnt with any burning program, so no real advantage of using Easy CD Pro. The thing is simple: currenty there is NO burnt swap disk for the PSX (neither for the PS2 anyway) You can get REAL swapdisks but those are pressed and not burnt ones.

regards, Stephen

The bootdisc itself does work. The downloadable image of the bootdisc DOES NOT work.

ok im having some trouble guys
i just bought this ps1 right because we have nohin to do and it was the only thing i could afford
but the sweet deal was that it was already chipped
but i already had a ps1 a long time ago and it wasnt chipped we just used the boot disc to make it run the copied games
but ive just come back from where i keep all my copied games from over the years and tried to put them in
and it still comes up with the "please insert ps1 format disc"
is there anyway that i can convert this so i can use the boot disc games on the chipped ps1

Try using the boot disc?