I was wondering if anyone has had any sucess using “PSX BootDisc” or “PS-X-CHANGE 2” as opposed to using a mod chip which i don’t want to mess with the inards of my psx. If so, which one would you recommend?

No success to me.

I had so many PSX boot-disc images from the internet, and not a single one worked.

The only bootdiscs that will work are the ones you can buy commercially, the original ones. My guess would be that the protection that prevents a non-modded PSX to read CD-Rs is an ATIP protection. As you know, every CD-R you buy has ATIP info built in. I am thinking that the PSX CD’s have a unique ATIP that the PSX reads. THE PROTECTION IS NOT BASED ON Sector 7-12 ECC/EDC being zeroed out! How do I know? Copy a PSX CD using Clone or other RAW software. Then compare the sectors using CDRWIN from the original and copy. They are exactly the same. The copy still don’t work. That excludes sector 7-12 protection. What is the one thing that comes pre-written in a CDR? ATIP!!!

Firstly, you need a Mod chip installed to use the PS Boot Disc. It’s useless without it. The Modchip is fairly straightforward to fit
so there should be no real problem there.

Secondly, the X-change 2 disc works perfert. The only thing is that
you have to swap discs where as with the Modchip you dont need to.

There is also a different version of the psone mod (or onechip)
that doesn’t even require the boot disc so you can play the games straight from powering up the psone

If you need more info then just email me




Thanks, I just ordered a psXChange 2 from and i should get it in 2 days. so we’ll see…

does nobody know!
the inner sector of a ps or ps2 disk contains info that no cd writer can write to!
a mod chip is needed to overcome this
on a ps2 other things are needed too
unless you get a no swap modchip messiah clone or neo 4

mtjones55 -

does you not know???

You should have been paying attention because in my post before this one, I FULLY EXPLAINED what your very blunt statement “the inner sector of a ps or ps2 disk contains info that no cd writer can write to!” meant.

Does you not know what I know?

I guess that is the case. The ATIP is the inner section that a CD-Writer cannot write to. I fully explained it before.

Next time pay attention, newbie!