PSX backups problem


I post the following question in this forum since I can’t identify the correct forum… I hope you can help me! :confused:

I have an old Playstation 1 that I don’t use since a long time.
Some days ago I decided to give it to my nephew so I decided to test it…

Well… the old PSX still works well… but I encountered a problem I couldn’t find the solution for:

I successfully modified the PSX some years ago so that it can play the backup copies of my originals. Now, briefly:

1 - Dozens of original discs play perfectly. :iagree:
2 - Dozens of OLD backups play perfectly. :iagree:
3 - NO NEW backup plays! :eek:

I tried to fix the PSX laser power adjustment (I found the procedure and the trimmer to… “touch”) but I had no success

I tried verbatim, TDK, SONY, Philips and anonymous CD-R discs, recorded with LG, Plextor, Pioneer and Philips CD-Recorder but I still had no success… The PSX plays only my old green or blue discs (even if heavily scratched or dirty!!!).

Is there a solution?
Have I to buy a newer lens kit able to read newer discs?

Thank you!


Since this probably isn’t a Newbie question, and may be a media problem rather than hardware (for which the Console forum might be appropriate), I’ll transfer it to CD & DVD Copy Protection first…