PSX Backups no longer copying properlly

Hi, I’m having a peculiar trouble.
I used to be able to backup games no troubles using Clonecd, I’d just chuck it in copy the cd and use the swap-trick. But now using the exact same method the videos run Skippy, longer loading times and overall not playable.

I have tried different quality’s of cd’s (TDK to sony) No luck, Diffrent burning/copying software (have also tried old versions of clonecd.) 5 diffrent cd/dvd drives (old to new,) but still there is the same problem. The games I backed-up when backing up psx games worked still run fine on the playstation (both big grey and compact white.)

Now this is where you come in and help what has happened (perhaps a curse :smiley: ?)

Then create another backup of your ORIGINALS.