Psx backup help (newbie here!)

Help! My playstation games are in need of backup. I live in a house with two younger siblings (that should explain the problem to most of you), and the cds are getting beaten up pretty badly. I recently downloaded the Alcohol 120% demo (30days!), and have a bunch of unused CDs to make use of.
My question is: How do I do it? I’ve been trying to find some help online, but most sites are less than helpful. The most I’ve scraped together is: Alcohol is a good program, ISOs are easy to use, and some games have write protection. Could anybody give me an explanation on how to back up a playstation1 cd? Also, any info on cd protection in psx games would be most helpful.


Well the first thing you’ll need is a mod chip.

Then copy your psx cds with alcohol using the playstation datatype (in case they’re libcrypt protected though many are not).

However, because playstations have a pretty lousy laser there are two things you should do to improve your chances of getting good back-up copy-

[li]Read and write at low speed, say 8x or even 4x if your writer supports it.
[/li][li]Only use high quality cdrs (do not attempt to use cdrws as they won’t work).

Mod my playstation? I’ve heard that’s not 100% safe for the system. Is there any other way of backing up my games, or should I just lock them and hope they stay safe?


i use clonyxxl to read what protection is on the disk (usually libcrypt) then clonecd to back the disk up, i have only used this with games on c.d as i am not sure if it works with dvd ( ps/2) games, but as stated i’m pretty sure the console will only play backups, if you have a MOD chip in it

Clony XXL is a copyprotection detection scanner, which can show what kind of protection is used on a disc.It will provide you with the right settings for CloneCD, so you can make a working copy .


clone cd

if you use clone cd i would suggest you set the “write speed” to 4x ( if clonyxxl has not already done this for you ) just to be sure the disk will burn properly