PSX Backup Gran Turismo don't work



I backupped the cd from a already copied Gran Turismo as descriped on Gamecopyworld with cdrwin.
The original copy has several files but mine has just one big audio file.
I used a philips Silver Premium CDR with green dye color and my burner is a Traxdate 2260+.
Does anyone know what my problem might be


First you need to make an image of the game you wish to back up using CDRWIN select Extract files etc., set error correction to ignor, give the image a filename e.g gran.bin. Now select the start recording option (make sure you burn at 1x speed). Now click on the icon with the single CD with a laser on it. Leave the write speed to 1x, leave the rest as default now burn and that should be it.

If you do not have CDRWIN you can get it at good luck!

Ch5 Micky


I tried it again but than with nero, read at six speed and write at 2 and now its work