PSX and PS2 burning

I tried to burn a digimon rumble arena ISO (just ISO) and so i did everthing normal. When i said i wanted to burn in PS or PS2 format (i tried multiple times) it says “The selected drive is not able to make real 1:1 copies using this datatype!” what does this mean? I need some help.

Are you sure of the saved format? Also what program are you using to make the image or iso? What is the drive and its firmware? What media are you using?

An image in .iso format cannot contain the sub-code information necessary for alcohol’s psx or ps2 cd formats (which are designed to deal with libcrypt protection). If the original disc is not libcrypt protected (many aren’t) .iso format will do fine. However, if the original is libcrypt protected, you’ll need to re-make the image in an appropriate format (e.g. mds/mdf) for the burnt back-up copy to work.

It still says it can’t make “1:1 copies with datatype” and i tried with a .bin, .cdz, .cue, .iso, .img, .uif, its impossible! What should i do, cuz i am SOO going insane over this! :a :eek: :a :doh:

Erm, why not use alcohol’s native format (i.e. mds/mdf) as suggested in my previous post?

Whilst I’m not familiar with every image format you’ve tried so far, of the ones that I do know, none of them will read and store sub-code data and so they are inappropriate for libcrypt protected psx and ps2 cds.

[Oh and btw mds/mdf image format [B]IS[/B] appropriate and effective for libcrypt protected psx and ps2 cds.]

maybe it’s just my CD drive? I don’t know. I guess ill try it.

Please use Alcohol’s native format to make the image using the Playstation 2 Datatype. If that fails, please send me a complete system report from within Alcohol to