PSX and black & white NTSC games

Hi, i have a friend who has a chipped English PSX (model 1002) and 4 some reason when he plays NTSC games on his PSX the games still play in B&W and my other friend also has the same prob with his SCART lead and his 1002. I have the newer 9002 model and ive used their scart leads any they all work in colour perfectly. Can any 1 tell why this is???

I had the same problem with mine, so I bought an original Scart cable from Sony ( not the rgb ). It’s a grey cable with a special connector for the psx and my problems were solved.

I had the same problem too (with a chip I wrote myself so I know that wasn’t the problem.

It turns out that it’s the TV not the PSX that doesn’t support the NTSC (No Two Same Colours) colour encoding. Get a new TV (erm…kerching!) or, like Donk says, get a scart cable!

Hope this helps!


He’s right.Its your TV !

Thanx for the info guys (BTW NTSC means National Television Standards committee) i appreciate ur replies.

Hi vanessataz, but its not his TV ive used his scart lead on his Sony Triniton TV with my 9002 PSX and all the games came out colour i think the problem might lie with his Scart lead, may be he needs a different one with his machine.