Psx 2 is nearly here! . so can we chip it?



well we all know that we can chip the psx.
but what about psx2?
the psx2 has a psx board and psx2 board and is dvd,so will there be 1 chip? or 2/3?
region free dvd?
if you think you know some info? or just want to say somethimg on the subject let us know.



The rumours I heard say that the PSX2 won’t be released anymore! The technology isn’t as good as the Dreamcast & the new console from Nintendo. They’re currently developing the “psx3”.


After all the time and effort that Sony put into the psx2 they would be bloody stupid not to release it even if they are developing a psx3.

And all the hype etc. thats gone into it would make sony look really shit if they did just drop the psx2 infavour of the psx3!

Check with your source cause what you said doesn’t make sense…