What is the best 500w PSU right now?

Seasonic is top rated, this model Is insainly efficient and has a 30buck rebate :slight_smile:

See the efficiency rating HERE

That Seasonic is very nice.

Here’s a couple of other options that should work well that are a bit cheaper.

Enhance E5150GH

Corsair 450VX (33A on the +12V rail)

Seasonic S12 II 500W Power Supply Review


If you do some research on user reviews, you won’t find any negatives for the Corsair… depending on your hardware it’s your option which one to go for…

I now have the 520w (3 months) after having had generic brands in the past. Very quiet and can handle my gaming pc faultlessly.

Thanks everyone. I am going to use Seasonic in my main PC and Corsair in my HTPC. I have been looking at lists of the best ones, but at least here I can get actual feedback from people using the items.