PSU question

Hi, I’ve got a 350 watt power supply that came with my computer and I’m wondering if my current set-up of 2 optical drives and 2 hard drives is going to consume too much power. My computer set-up consists of an athlon 2500+, a geforce 4 mmx 440 and a soundblaster card. If this seems too much for my current power supply could you recommend a decent alternative?

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if it is a decent 350W PSU (not Q-Tec or something like that) it should be able to do the job without any problems.
if you want a good PSU i recommend Fortron, not cheap but good PSU’s

i used a no name 300W PSU in my system (dual xeon, 3 SCSI HD, 3 IDE HD, 3 optical drives and a radeon 9700 pro) for 3 months without much problems. so a 350W PSU should be able to handle your system

I’m running a bog-standard 300w case PSU driving 1x HD, 3x Optical, loaded out with PCI cards (4, SB Live, Ethernet, Modem & SCSI).
512Mb SDRAM, Athlon 1200TB, Geforce MX440

If it was a more powerful graphics, I bet it would tip the balance.

Got a 3rd upgrade PSU to go in, after QTEC 450w dual fan (returned due to inaccurate -V), No-name 400W dual fan (died).

To go in, Winpower 450w, 120mm fan - so far, the 120mm fan PSU’s seem to have a little more class than the single and dual 80mm.

On the other hand, I have the greatest respect for “Maxpower”, the brand of the case PSU, as this unit also survived a cookout when the fan failed - it took a lickin’ and kept on tickin’ - so if I saw Maxpower as a replacement, I’d rate it considerably better than most of the bog-standard ones.

The no-names and off-brands are hard to judge, though a cheap 300w is more likely to make it’s rating than a cheap 500w - probably the same 300w unit with only minimal component uprating.

you can calculate approximate wattage needed here:

PSUs are the most overlooked component of a PC. be aware that many issues can be caused by crap PSUs (and not just wattage, but voltage fluctuations, amperage on each rail, ripple, etc.). investing in a good power supply will often save you a lot of headache and money in the long run.

Enermax is a good brand that can be found for decent prices. brands like PC Power & Cooling, OCZ and Zippy are very expensive but considered the best in the biz (not necessary if not OC’ing and/or not running power hungry vid cards).

my suggestion is stay away from no-name, cheapo PSUs all together…if it sounds too good to be true (i.e. 500W for $30) be sure that it’s not worth it at all.

Try this


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