PSU Modular or Regular?

This is my case inside

Ive got a seasonic 12 500 watt. As you can see it isnt very tidy in there at all. I am going to upgrade to a 8800gtx and will get a bigger psu. Would you say a modular is easier to keep a case tidy with??

I just built a comp for a friend and he got this PSU. it was really simple to do the wire management and it is really quiet and has tons of stable power too. I’m considering getting one when I upgrade :iagree:

Thanks for your input dude :slight_smile:

Will probs go seasonic again when I upgrade, This one here me thinkies:

Gasps at the price!

I think I’d use non modular and some extra cable ties if it was cheaper for a similar rating in any decent brand.

Another thing, modular PSUs mean an extra connector in line with any feed, which can’t be a good thing. The only thing modular systems really help with, is the power leads that you DON’T need, but those could be cable tied and sticky fixed out of the way.

If 650W would do it, their UK special Coolermaster looks mighty tempting, not sure if it ranks as high as Seasonic, but it’s not a junk no-brand.

That extra connector might not be that much of a bad thing either. There was a site once which compared the resistance and blah blah - found the difference is neglgible. But it’s always bad to have pieces to get lost and if you’re using enough plugs already the difference is minimal. I find even modular sometimes has wires too long for my liking, making it a little messy … but can be better if it’s a small system.

Are you really sure that you need a new PSU? Seasonic’s PSUs are very powerful.

I wanted to have my 7950gx2 in one slot and my 7800gt in the other, and run two cards without there being any influence on the 7900gt, when using two monitors. For some reason I also cant get the 7950gx2 to allow me to connect two monitors, a 17" and a 20" wide. The option for dual display is just greyed out.

Point: when i connected my 7900gt into the second slot the ‘warning light’ (red) went on, on my mobo (asus a8n-sli premium) and my pc wouldnt even see the card (nothing in device manager). So I am assuming its down to my psu not coping?? Would it be to do with the speed of the pci lanes?? The one being 16x and the other being 8? And going down to 8x each if using both? Does the 7950gx2 need full 16x bandwidth, and so I cant put two cards into my mobo??

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have you tried putting the gt in slot 1 and the gx2 in slot 2? also, you don’t have the SLI bridge installed right? (sorry, I had to ask :wink: ) you could also try unplugging the PCIE power cables from the two cards, which should automatically underclock the cards and only allow them to use 75 watts each (of course this is only a temporary test to see if it is the PSU)

I did some measurements on my Tsunami, and the 8800GTX will be TIGHT, and might require some modding to the HDD cage :frowning:

Trust me jwill it aint gonna fit in there. I wouldnt want to mod the cage tbh, its just a shame. Im just gonna get a kandalf tbh. I’ve got a spare amd 3500 single core and the 7900gt I plan to build another rig with so the kandalf will be for me and the tsunami for the 3500 s/core.

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I am getting a trade in of my 7950gx2 asap lol :bigsmile: (It’s an EVGA card), As soon as they actually have the stock Im gonna trade in. I only got my 7950gx2 a month ago.

As for the PSU, is a modular really harder to keep tidy than a regular??? I wouldve thought it would have been the other way round>>>??? Can somone elaborate? I want a psu with mesh’ed cables. Can you get the mesh and do it yourself?? My seasonic S12 500 watt doesnt have meshed cables.