PSU Issues?

Is there any software which can give a rough guide as to how much power is free from the PSU in the box?

I got a 350W unit with my P4 comp, but have since added a wireless card, a 2nd hard drive and most recently swapped a DVD-Rom for a DVD-Burner.

Graphics card issues in the past 2 days made me consider a PSU problem (which I don’t feel is likely, but it got me interested all the same)


Try this link , it might help you calculate if yours is adequate.

Softwares like “motherboard monitor”, “Asus Probe” (if your motherboard is an ASUS) … can record à PSU graph while you are using your computer. That way you can see if you have a drop that would cause this kind of issue.
The link TimC provided you will help you calculate how much power you need. But then, you have to figure out if your PSU is really providing this power. It can be faulty …

Hey TimC – Thanks for that link. I’M UNDERPOWERED!!

To all==PSU became an issue for me last year as I began adding hard drives to store video. I have a 420 Watt Thermaltake which I think has been quite good. When I add up my components I get to about 320-350 watts so I have excess capacity OVER normal startup headroom. BUT if I add hotter than normal air temperature which does happen from time to time, and if I add unit being over a year old, the site recommends a 620 Watt PSU. Am I getting a sales rush, or Should I upgrade or wait for the PSU to spit smoke and fire?



Suggest you get the free program ‘speed fan’ at and see what you are actually consuming and how hot the inside of your computer is-eh

My guess is that you are just fine with that big of a psu and would be throwing your money away changing it-eh!

That “looks like” a great program - - just like what I have been looking for ever since I enabled smart drive on my puter. Program installed and initially started up but then froze my system. Rebooted and tried again. another freeze up. So, I uninstalled the program with no problem and am looking for a similar one that will work?

Too many things don’t work on my system? Wonder if there is a duct tape sensor somewhere that denies me access to “power user” programs? (smile!) /// bobbo.


Just remember that it was Big D that had the duct tape comment-eh!

The problem with that “power guessing”, is that so far, I’ve not seen one that tallies the 12v requirement seperately, as that is usually where the limit lies.

Both the CPU and the graphics normally draw power (by switchmode regulators) from the 12v, while each drive normally needs 0.8-1.5A from it as well, plus all the fans and an allowance for the motherboard as well…

With a good brand name PSU, there is usually some leeway for surges and peaks, compared to junk names that are often rated beyond their genuine capacity in the first place.