PSU giving me trouble




I`m having trouble with a quite old psu.

It have been working flawlessly until a couple of days ago, then it began refusing to start. It starts the machine about 1 out of 10 times I push the button…also tried to link the “power-good signal” cable to a +5v to see if it was because of unstable current, but it made no difference…

(Some times when I push the button I see the fan in the psu take a couple of turns and the led lights in the case flashes a split second, and then nothing)

-The psu is a MACASE 250w
Any suggestions or do I just have du scrap it…?



Probably pregnant capacitors , dump it.


It could be the PSU (250W isn’t much nowadays, depending on your hardware), but it doesn’t have to. There could be problems with the mainboard, as well a short in the electrical system.

My first suggestion would be the PSU however. To make sure, see you can borrow another PSU, or take your system to a shop and try a PSU there to find out…


Its the psu allright....probably not worth to explore further, Ill just throw it in the bin…found a replacement i my friends basement so it`s not a problem anymore…thanx anyway