PSU for SLI VGA only. Neat Idea

Smart idea, and nVidia SLI certified as well.

I had a Thermaltake 420 that still works and managed to power 4 HDs and 4 optical drives as well as a host of add-ons.

i dont get it whats it do??I mean what?? Ive got a SLI certified psu is it so you can use a cheap psu?

It’s for people who don’t want to spend another $$$ on a new system PSU after paying $$$ for thier GPU’s so that they only have to spend $$$ :bigsmile:. Plus it’s dedicated only for the GPU’s, so no additional strain from the other hardware.

Also, just because you have an SLI certified PSU doesn’t mean you have enough power for the new high end cards. Most don’t.

maybe in most cases, but mines fine. 500 watt seasonic s12. With what ive got in my sig.

Again, not for the new high end cards. Some can draw 115W each leaving an average 500W PSU on a hot day with less than 200W for the rest of the system. Your 7900s are not the cards this PSU was designed for.

If this is accurate
A pair of 7900 GX2 cards in sli have a peak power consumption of 301 watts!!!

It looks like thermal take is not the only people making these either.
It looks like a pretty good idea if you are a hard core gamer with lots of bucks to spend on video. Personally I prefer the dual power supply approach but not everyone would be comfortable doing that. These look pretty easy to install.

Thanks ripit. That chart is useful information. Fortunately I have no need for SLI so I save a ton on extra hardware and my feeble 550W PSU is adequate.