PSU Fan problems

>Not a top-shelf enthusiast power supply.
>Can’t find any in-depth (hot box testing and dissection) reviews on it or any other hytec products.
>I think that they are an ODM making units for computer mfrs. and PS rebadgers.

Before I buy PS, I want to see a complete, pro review of that unit.
There have been those to avoid, even in the top tier.

This is all I can find on it


24-pins EPS connector with detachable 4-pins for ATX version

120mm 2 ball bearing long life fan giving high level ventilation

Auto fan control for optimised thermal environment

Built-in bronze heatsink enhancing heat dissipation

Designed for

  • AMD
  • Intel
  • SLI
  • CrossFire


  • 150mm x 84mm x 140mm


  • 1 x Motherboard 24/20-pins
  • 1 x 4-pin connectors
  • 1 x 4-pin floppy
  • 2 x 6-pin
  • 1 x 8-pin
  • 4 x 4-pin molex PATA
  • 2 x SATA

New Generation Power Supply Unit

Independent voltage circuit

Extremely good voltage regulation

Industrial grade components (capacitor, transformer, etc)

High reliability: MTBF>1200,000 hours

High efficiency: Above 80%

XP, Vista Ready

Virtual Silent Operation
This new innovative power supply offers unique noise characteristics for the demanding user. Even at maximum output this advanced unit will remain virtually silent.

Advanced Heat Dissipation
This advanced temperature controlled design provides heat dissipation superior to conventional power supplies. The effective 120mm horizontal fan and Dual 80mm vertical fan will effectively improve the case airflow and even help reduce the entire PC system temperature.

Real Power Output
This efficiently designed HI-END power supply provides state of the art performance and output for demanding PCs and industrial computers.

Surge Protection
Protests the power supply and the entire computer against external voltage peaks and lightning strike.

Key Features

  1. Eco-design for energy and money saving by active PFC
  2. Super silent operation 120mm fan with intelligent speed controller makes superb heat dissipation at low noise.
  3. PCI-E connector wit bead core protection to minimize EMI for reducing noises

Manufacturer’s propaganda.
Funny how they don’t say what their “claimed” voltage outputs are.

IMHO, I wouldn’t want to have that PS in a rig that I was fond of. I would look into a top-tier power supply.

A single 12V 20A is not much for a 600W, looking to see what it would tally with, but it may be on a par with a “quality” 400W

A Corsair VX450 has a whacking 33A @ 12V - more usable power than that supposed 600W unit
Yep, a 400W unit that aces it in the important ratings.