PSU eXtreme Power 550W - RP-550-PCAR for $29.99 free shipping

Coolermaster eXtreme Power 550W $29.99 shipped at

Too bad I just spent $145 on a PC Power and Cooling otherwise I’d get this one.

Geez…for this price I might get it anyway for a spare.

Fairly good reviews at NewEgg for this, although some disagreement about whether it is too loud.

Thanks, got me one.

Not reliable, be careful


you had one go bad ?

From my experience, PSU quality are just luck of the draw. I have an Ultra Xconnect 500w which is just supposed to be mediocre, but I never have any problem with it pumping out close to 450w (calculated) constantly. Hours of gaming and encoding and it’s still running (knock on wood).

@RonnieB52, Yup, plugged in for a few hours, 2 or 3 hours after finishing installing Windows XP Pro and all the drivers and all windows update and all other softwares. Turned on Call of Duty 2, 2 minutes later, everything blackened, the psu burnt. Good thing did not damage other components

ZipZoomfly is now charging $35, but at Newegg you can still get it for $29.99 after MIR.
As far as quality goes this company is at least average. I don’t even trust Antec anymore after having one of theirs go bad after a few years. That’s why I paid so much for a PC Power & Cooling PSU recently. These are supposed to be the best right now.

If you don’t trust ANTEC then whom do you trust?.

Agree that buying a power supply is tricky, esp. since most are rebadged, as there are only a few bonafide mfr’s. (and a few junk mfr’s)
I love showing that to Antec fans :bigsmile:

What makes it even more complicated, is that even though you can find out the manufacture from the ul number, it doesn’t necessarily tell you how good the build is. for instance, older model antec’s were built by channel well, but to antec specs (channel well design concepts but lesser quality components). they are of lesser quality than actual channel well power supplys. I still consider the older antecs decent, but they had one major flaw. they were designed to be on the quiter side, not the cooler running side, and the capacitors used in many couldn’t take the heat. they were well built and could perform well, till (if) the heat started damaging the capacitors. Personally I have a few antecs that ran fine for years, and one that died after a week. Hopefully the seasonic built ones wont have that problem (and again, I’m guessing they are of lesser quality than a true seasonic).

Ultra and cooler master are both companies that have sold power supplies that range from total crap to good. Ultra has had some very good ones, but they are not above releasing a model, getting good reviews, then changing to a much cheaper manufacture (on the same exact model number of psu). With either, I would check out the ul number and see who made it as it will at least give you some idea of the quality (if it is made by a company that only makes crap, then you know its crap, if it is made by a good company, it should be decent, though not necessarily as good as their own).

Well stated, ripit.

In fairness to Antec, I had a 350W Smartpower fail very early.
Antec support was quick to replace it, although the bad PS could have taken down a new system. I was lucky, no collateral damage.

I have it on good authority that some of the PCP&C units are Seasonic.
That was surprising, I thought PCP&C did all their own stuff.

Thats kind of funny, the one that failed in a week on me was a smart power 350w (actually it was the blue lit one but that is just a smart power with blue led’s added).

here is a site that lists a few.
It would seem that cooler master is using different companies for the extreme power though, as the 380w is made by high pro, but the 600w is made by seventeam. The funny thing is, the 600w is actually a 500w.
I couldn’t find anything on the 550w model. It would seem others are decent but not high quality though (and maybe overrated power wise).

Thanks for the links. Very revealing :slight_smile:
I’m comfortable with Enermax, Seasonic and FSP.
I’ve got a 485W Enermax Noisetaker that I’m extremely happy with.
It’s stable, quiet and the rear fan runs on for about 3 min after shutdown to evacuate the hot air out of the case. A nifty perk.

I’m running mostly antec, but thats because of price. I got an antec sl400 years ago, almost free after rebate at compusa if I recall right (that was a while back). I got 2 430 watt true powers for 29$ ea on clearance, and I got a super lan boy case for 40$ that came with the 350 watt (unfortunately I cannot find the receipt so it is still sitting dead but still under warranty). the only one I’m running right now where I just said, I’m going to go buy a good power supply (wanted something a little bigger for overclocking a loaded athlon xp system) is a 460 watt enermax. I would defanatlly agree with the brands that you recomended, in fact, when I see people wanting to buy cheap garbage power supplies, I usually recommend fsp or sparkle as they make some very good cheap power supplies.

Antec brand failed a lot lately, especially the smartpower series. Their good series are the NeoHE and the trupower.

But I only have had the [B]PC P&C[/B] for a couple of weeks now so I can’t speak from experience. Another one I’d try is [B]Seasonic[/B] which is among the best rated right now.

The one that failed on me was an [B]Antec [/B]True Power 380W. But it failed after 3 years so that’s not too horrible. I have a 430W Antec True Power that is still running after 2 years.

Running 430 watt antec here–been running pretty much loaded down for about 4 years. Like others, I have heard that antec is just not as good as it used to be. Daughter is running a 350 or 380 watt (about 1 1/2 years) and no problems–but she does not have much in her system (one hd and one burner).

I have read great reviews about seasonic but they are a little on the expensive side–guess you get what you pay for–sometimes any way.

I will be looking for a p/s upgrade in about six months, and have no idea what I will buy.

I had this RP-550-PCAR PSU and it drove me nuts as it was the root of many issues. Poor stability and regulation output.

I’ve yet to see the 500 watt PSU brands (listed below) that were customer returns at Fry’s that are in the $60.00-$110.00 price point. This is just an observation and by no means a logical method to determine a purchase choice, however I’m guilty.

Corsair HX series
Enermax liberty
Enhance ENP

The Enermax Liberty in the 500 watt class has been noted to handle two GPUs with out a ripple on a multi processor boards. The recent Mac Pro Xeon servers have been shipping with Seasonics and Enermax power supplies.

The Silverstone ST50EF+ and Enhance 5150GH are the same units, minus cable sleeves on the ENP and about third less than the Silverstone.

This ENP 5150GH can probably be found cheaper on ewiz as the ebay seller is the auction house for ewiz and ewiz may have free shipping.

Currently Newegg has weekend special on several PSU with free shipping, many have rebates. The Corsair-HX series(rebadged Seasonic) is a great choice and is on sale at the Egg, the 620HX is not discounted as much and as often as the 520HX

PC Power and Cooling have never manufactured a psu on their own
they design them and have Win-Tact manufacture their Turbo-Cool series and Seasonic builds their Silencer series.
Old Silencers were built by Sparkle/ FSP. Current Silencers are built by Seasonic.

OCZ purchased PC P&C Last month… So far it seems nothing will change in the PC P&C lineup …but OCZ has a lot to gain from the merger. The last series of OCZ units (GameXstream/StealthXstream) are all FSP built, hopefully this will change soon.
Seasonic is also currently manufacturing the Antec Earthwatts - NeoHE and Trio’s
Corsair HX 520 and 620 are also high quality Seasonic units.