PSU connectors; P8 in particular

Help, my old PSU in my HP Pavilion XL866 has a 4Pin “Video Power Connector” (shaped like a speaker connector…in-line pins; not the square 4 pin cpu connector).

I took the PSU out and now I can’t figure out where this P8 connector goes…anyone know? I didn’t mark them as I should have. Thought it would be easy. Was I fooled.

The P8 lead is called a “4Pin Video Power Connector”…that’s about all I know.

Can someone help me?

Does it look like that? If yes, then it MAY connect to these devices:

DVD/CD Drive
Hard Drive
Graphics Card

Those are listed in order of probability. I’m almost 99% sure that at least one goes into your DVD/CD drive, but I don’t think at all that you’ll have one going to the motherboard. Look on the device itself for a plug that looks like it is the “female” side of it.


Looks somewhat like that but not as big…it’s white and has very tiny holes. The P8 lead only has 4 wires going into the white connector…a yellow, two blacks, and a blue.

The connector is just a small white 4 pin female connector that looks a lot like a typical 3 pin “PSU fan power connector” except this connector has 4 female pin holes.

I just noticed the wires of this “video power connector” don’t seem long enough to allow the connector to reach the mobo, so I’m guessing you’re right…I’ll take a gander at the optical devices…then keep lookin around.

Thanks Ibrahim, I was about to “zone” out over the P8 (how did you copy those pictures here)?

Ohhh, I get it now. It looks like this?

This is a floppy power connector, which is sometimes used on graphic cards, but rarely. Most newer graphic cards either use the Molex 4-Pin (the first picture I posted) or a PCI-e 6/8-pin connector. Check with the floppy drive or your graphic card.


P.S. The only GPU that I know of that uses the floppy power connector is the X800 AIW. You don’t have that card, do you?

See the connector in the top right? I know it looks like it has only three, but there are four.

P.P.S. To ‘add’ a picture like that, copy the URL of the PICTURE. Paste it here and put image tags around the URL. Example:

In Firefox, find a picture and right-click it. Press “Copy Image Location”, which will copy the URL of the picture. - Shows the additional connector.

And the system…

Are you sure it was originally connected anf just dangling, as it doesn’t look like there is anything there that would require an extra power feed - since it’s referred to as video power, the graphics card (if the original HP branded one) would be the most likely place.

Nice find, matth!


That’s the P8 connector Matth…and this PSU has the same number of connectors (9) as mine. I noticed they didn’t give the voltages for the PSU. I’ll send them an email asking for those. Thanks for the find. You do great work.

This is a great site Matth…I’ll be using this info many times before all is said and done.

Are you sure it was originally connected anf just dangling, as it doesn’t look like there is anything there that would require an extra power feed - since it’s referred to as video power, the graphics card (if the original HP branded one) would be the most likely place.

No, Matth, I am not at all sure. And I’ve learned a good lesson to mark them all in the future. I’m beginning to think P8 was not connected anywhere when I removed the PSU…but I’ll make sure by searching for a 4 pin male connector on everything in there. The graphics card is the original…never been changed…so that’s out.

But, at least I now know it’s probably not a critical connector. Thanks to all who helped me. Matth gets a A+++ from me for his detective work…and ik, you tried your darnest to nail it and I thank you for helping me.

You guys are the greatest…and your support is appreciated.

Found another reference
To power the onboard amplifier (presumably with unamplified speakers) of the Ensoniq sound card.

Be very sure to identify the right position (if any), as plugging a power connection into the wrong place will certainly fry something!

Matth, another great reference site for pinouts…thanks again.

I looked for a PCI sound card, but found none…it has integrated sound. So, we’re confident now the P8 connector was most likely not being used…agree?

And, thanks for the word of caution…I probably would not have thought about that.

I found a power supply that’s supposed to be a replacement HP power supply at my local computer store and it had that exact same 4-pin “video power connector”…and it was actually marked as such. It was a Athena PSU 200 watt MP3ATX20

The tech there said this connector is rarely used. But, as you said, it was used in some HP Pavilions that had the Ensoniq sound card.

I can definitely put this question to rest.

Does anyone know what the -5volt connector is used for in an HP Pavilion XL866 AMD Athlon? Not many PSU’s have this particular voltage (-5V @0.3A Max is on my dead PSU which is a “LiteOn PS-6161-2H1”).

I need a replacement for the LiteOn PSU…the XL866 is a micro ATX…so it has to be like 3.25" H x 4" D x 5.75" W in order to fit in the case.

The dead LiteOn PSU has 9 connectors: 1 each 20-pin mobo connector; 5 each molex (could get by with 4); 1 each 4-pin Floppy Drive connector; 1 each 3-pin PS (I suppose PS means the power supply) fan; and 1 each 4-pin “video power connector”.

By the way, is a 4-pin ATX12V connector for Pentium processors? This connector is square with 4-pins and I was told it’s for P4’s…just trying to confirm…my computer is a AMD Athlon 1.1GHz cpu.

hey burn, you still trying to get that rig going?
Look around and find you a ATX case and get a new supply for it and transfer it all over to the new case, be done with that other box…it will fix your ailments
Look around, as sometimes you can get a case for free after rebates and such…

Yes I am and I’m committed to getting it done. I have some old cases that may work but what has me backed in a corner are the PSU outputs…since the PSU is dead.

HP has some pretty strange connectors and I’m having problems finding one that will work with this AMD mobo…a Asus A7V-VM version 2.02. Can you advise me on that?

As I said, it has an AMD Athlon 1.1GHz processor.

I like the advice you gave but I have to make sure a PSU that has the correct voltage and amperage outputs as well as the correct PSU connectors. This is my real concern.

Help me help myself…

No, you don’t need the 4-pin connector…

How about this one? Comes with the HP Video Connector, check out the pictures

Don’t see a 3-pin fan connector, but you can just convert one of those 4-pin molex ones to a 3-pin fan…


Thanks ikj, good info about the 3 pin connector…how do I do that conversion?

But, how about the -5V output on the PSU? I noticed the PSU at that link doesn’t show a -5V output.

This is one of the problems in finding a PSU for this mobo.

Do you know what the -5V output is used for? It’s very low wattage; like 0.3 A Max…and I’ve found some that have -5V @0.8A.

What about that? Thanks ikj…

Well, if you look at the rail chart in the pictures, you’ll see that it has .5A on the -5V line…Is that enough?

I can’t remember what the -5V is used for, but we hardly use it anymore. Most newer PSU’s don’t even include it.

Here is a Molex to Fan adapter

These things are very cheap and work great.


If the PSU has a 3 pin fan connection, (with holes, not pins), that is normally wired with ground and tacho, to support motherboard monitoring of the PS fan - if it actually shuts down (like it would on a monitoring failure of the CPU fan), then missing that feature would be a problem, but in many cases, PS fan monitoring is informational only.

The other “way” of PS fan connections, is a power feed that is slaved to the PSU’s thermal fan control, so that case fans can vary speed in tandem with it.

I’m guessing that this is the “monitoring” way as the other approach tends to be for de-luxe, high load units.

I failed to mention the original PSU that came installed in this HP is a LiteOn PS-6161-2H1 PSU that has 3-pin connector for a Duct fan.

This duct sits over the processor and the fan is built into the duct. What should I do about this if I can’t find any PSU’s with a 3-pin connector?

I would think this fan is necessary to keeping the processor (AMD Athlon) cool.

What say you? BTW guys, in case I haven’t mentioned it, I really appreciate your input. I learn something everyday because of people like you.

If i understood you correctly, you say you have an
A7V-VM version 2.02, if that is the case, it was way under powered to start with…I still run a server on the A7V133 1.02 version…yours has onboard video doesnt it?
Shoot I still run a Antec 350 watter on it to this day. go here for infomation on it, yes i am hunter4u on that forum also…

No, Hunter, it came with an Asus TNT2 Vanta video card. Must be a bit different than what you are thinking about.

I’m just trying to get advice on whether or not I need to replace the dead PSU with the exact same type PSU. I don’t mind if it has more wattage, that’s fine, but it has to have the correct output voltages and amps. AND connectors.

I’ll visit the site you recommended…may be talking to you there as well.


Sorry if I misunderstood you, but the line in red is a motherboard is it not?
If that is your motherboard, then you will be fine with a larger ps as I stated.