I’m trying to figure out if there is any way to download games onto a psp memory card and just play from that or do i have to stick with the discs and does anybody know of any good emulators that will work on the psp

  • Downloading PS1 games will be supported when you obtain the official PS1 emulator for the PSP. Available around 2007 according to the rumors.
  • Ripping UMD discs to memory stick is illegal. Read the forum rules.
  • Registering your psp at will enable you to download game demos directly on your psp.

im not tryin to rip umd’s i just have game images from like my ps and ps2 games that i have and stuff and i was wondering if there were any emulators that actually work for the psp to play them

yes, but you need homebrew software, that will only work on the first psp’s released

ive heard of people doing that on older versions of firmware. is there any way to downgrade firmware to be possible to use homebrew and emulators?

google is your friend