I like it.

I’d like to have one but it’s not a must.

PS3 is defenitely a must have for me, can’t wait for it’s arrival :wink:

There’s no “I don’t want one”?? :stuck_out_tongue:

How about “I want more than one”?? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: (for both kids).

Who needs a console anyway??

I’ve got one…its great…now most of the more popular movies are coming out on PSP format as well…

consoles - of every size - are the most useless crap ever created…
i know, by saying this i just have made me some new enemies :wink: but that’s my opinion… :iagree:

this is a free world :slight_smile: and everybody should be allowed to have his own opinion.

However, you are on my ignore list now :p;)

huh, who said this? there’s a voice out of nowhere :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, nice answer

I tend to differ a little.

I’m not that fond of consoles that can only do one thing (Such as my GameCube for instance), but i love those cheapass systems that can do more than just their main purpose. The PSP and Xbox can both do lots of things since they were completely hacked. For a little extra time and money you could for instance:

  • Use your Xbox as a multimedia playback system
  • Use your PSP or Xbox as a webserver
  • Emulate and play old stuff (ScummVMX, Nes, etc)
  • Use them to go on the internet

a little? at least in germany we’re far away from ‘a little’ money… good mod-chips aren’t really cheap, the extra hardware (xbox-example: HDD, new cooling-system) costs money as well - and if i want a multimedia playback system i don’t mod a XBOX, i just turn on my PC :wink:
playing (really) old stuff also works on my PocketPC (really old dos-games such as day of the tentacle and so on) with pocketSCUMM and surfing the web on a TV-screen is NO FUN! :wink:

Nah why would I want to hold something in my hands when I can play it with a keyboard or on a TV…

Well, none of the current graphic cards available for under US$500 is as powerful as those on XBox 360 and PS/3. When XBox and PS/2 were first released, their hardware components were also more powerful than those used in the usual desktop PC.

DVD-Video players were also very expensive when XBox was first hacked to play DVD titles. It made sense to pay for those mod chips. Of course, it’s now cheaper to buy just another DVD standalone player or even a DivX/DVD player than to go to a mod shop for XBox, but who said the first-generation XBox is an exciting thing in 2005?

I want PS3 with Blu-ray inside in that size.

Damn you SONY !!! Release it in EU NOW ASAP!

If I want portable gaming I would rather use my laptop, nothing like Call of Duty any time any place. If I need ultra portable gaming I use my phone. I can think of very few situations when I would need something in between the two, so I doubt I would ever pay much money at all for one.

Ben :slight_smile:

Sony also sells notebook computers and mobile phones. It was a sound business strategy to release PSP whether everyone likes it or not.