OHHH i just wanted to say I finally got one…a PSP…Play Station Portable…and its so freaking awesome…it came with spiderman2 and a music disk…but the color is just unbelieveable.!!! well worth the money…

oh and i got the need for speed game too…:smiley: i suck so far but its a blast to play…

anyone else have one?

Are you living in the US? Us Brits have to wait another couple of months for it to appear in the shops. Lucky you!!!

yeah i’m in the states…mississippi…the worst state of all…and these rednecks have these before the sexy men in London…whats up with that?

wasn’t that bad price wise either…just 240 USD…and games are 30 to 40 USD

wasn’t that bad price wise either…just 240 USD…and games are 30 to 40 USD

LOL…what’s expensive?

i haven’t played a game in ages, somehow i don’t like playing them anymore, don’t know why but just don’t… the last game i think i actually played like a game was 2yrs ago…i think it was max payne 2…but that’s bout it

What I like about the PSP is the fact you can load mpeg4’s on a memory stick and they look very good. Sort of a moble video player with good resolution. 1/2 the price of the Archos player.
Also, wireless built in, and a web browser is available in the game Wipeout. Already some PSP portals up and running and RSS feeds available.
The UMD disk is rumored to be a Bluray disk, so it will be a while before we have any kind of access to those as far as burning, etc. The size of a minidisc but different format, spindle hole, etc. The games are nice as well. I have Twisted Metal, Lumine, and Wipeout. Nice entertainment.

man…i saw a psp on display, had like a movie playing…so clear!!! wanna get one, well…it comes out in sep…but sooo expensive, maybe Sexy_Southerner can donate her’s to me, hey??? :wink:

/me got a nice 1.50 psp since they launched in Canada.
Love the little thing. Now have Lumines, WipeOut, Spiderman (game), Need For Speed, lots of homebrew, etc etc

I want it to have mobile phone and 640*480 30fps camcorder features as well.

Umd is red laser.

I’m with Mr. B on this one too. 1.5 Firmware=Happiness. So many emulators, homebrew and all kinds of cool stuff. I love my psp :bigsmile: