PSP Zoom-Option Enlarges Vertically Off Center

I’m trying to encode “Raising Arizona” widescreen (1.85:1) for the PSP but the DVD reports it as 4:3 (320x240) instead. So I used the zoom to encode only the actual widescreen video to fit the PSP screen (368x208).

With the new PSP Zoom Settings (option to enlarge anamorphic video content), using the full screen option, it does not enlarge the video area of the screen properly, better said, it only encodes the upper black bar plus the upper section of the video, cutting off the lower portion of the video itself.

I tried it again and one more time I got the upper black bar plus the upper part of the video only, still missing the lower section of the video.

This seems to be a problem with ‘CloneDVD mobile’ itself. Anyone else having this issue?

Does anyone know if a fix is coming soon?

I have “Raising Arizona” here (UK PAL version). It’s a plain 16:9 movie with no letterbox-bars at all and converts to a fullscreen PSP video without any zoom settings -> no black bars.
I’m a little confused by your info “the DVD reports it as 4:3 (320x240)”. What exactly does that mean / in what way does “the DVD” report this?
My version here of “Raising Arizona” is 720x576 anamorph 16:9, which is what you’d expect.

Peer, “Raising Arizona” Region 1 Widescreen is “Letterbox” 4:3 with big black bars. So the info “the DVD reports it as 4:3 (320x240)” is correct.

I meant: what is “the DVD”? How can a “DVD report” something. Is this information printed on the disc?
Also: 320x240 is a very improbable resolution for a DVD movie. That would be worth a free giveaway at best, but nothing you’d pay for.
And I’m very puzzled about this 4:3-letterbox thing. Why would a native US-DVD be in so much worse quality than the “rest-of-the-world” versions…
So I’m totally lost here, I have to admit, I don’t understand, what kind of DVD you have there.

What I do understand, is that you seem to have a 4:3 letterbox DVD. This kind of format (which is rare) can’t be zoomed to remove the letterbox with the current version of CloneDVD mobile.

Ok, forget what I said earlier, I found a DVD with which I can reproduce your problem.
It seems that some vertical offset is not being set correctly for the PSP. I’ll check that, I guess it will be easy to fix.

I guess I found out, what got me so confused: you probably meant the suggested output resolution in the drop-down list of CloneDVD mobile. Sorry, thought you meant the DVDs original resolution. Seems to be one of my bad days :frowning:

You are correct. Sorry for the late reply, I hate “short work trips”.

It seems that you have found the problem. It does seem like some offset setting is the problem here.

I hope a fix will be implemented soon.

Thank you very much.

Please help, i have the same problem…or similar. I ripped some of my movies to see them on the go while im in vacation (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003, Gojira and Silent Hill–ORIGINALS no bootlegs) and picked 480x316, but they dont appear full screen, or at least the zoom settings dont do a thing, except as he wrote “…black bar plus the upper section of the video, cutting off the lower portion of the video itself…”

Im using DVDFab 3050 and PSP Firmare 3.01

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Unfortunately this thread is focused on the use of CloneDVD Mobile v1.1.3.0 software program.

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