PSP Video files Created in DVDFab won't play on Vista Desktop OR PSP w/ current firmware

Creating PSP video files from non-encrypted DVD’s using DVDFab no longer works since I began using it in SONY Vaio’s Pre-loaded Windows Vista on this new SONY CR123E laptop.

The versions of DVDFab (3.x) I used on WinXP (SP2) worked just fine with these same digitized DVD’s of friends and family, creating great quality psp-ready files that played on both the WinXP desktop (Media Player 10) as well as SONY’s PSP portable game system.

I’ve tried (in this sequence): Removal/Re-Installation of DVDFab, Removal of DVDfab 4.x and reinstallation of older 3.x ver of DVDFab (no change in problem), complete re-image of Win Vista on Sony Laptop, and re-install of DVDFab 3.x (no relief), then up-level to DVDFab 4.x (Still no relief).:doh:

I don’t like Vista for many other reasons, but I thought that it would at least work this much. Error message in WinMedia Player for Vista states there is a Windows Update that fixes the sound chip error keeping the file from playing, but installing Windows’ “solution” didn’t alter the problem. Soundchip is Realtek Hi-Def, driver version Vista’s “solution” proved to be a joke. Kind of like Vista itself.

Anyone have any ideas, please?:sad:

Have you installed the right codecs to play the files?

There is an issue with 2 pass and Vista. Have you tried 1 pass? You are doing this in the PSP profile, correct? Making h264 videos with generic profile will not work for me on the PSP with or

Hi Slayerking/fartman and flipcody,

I’m not so much concerned about WinMediaPlayer 11’s inability to play these mpg4’s (MP11 has trouble finding it’s buttocks using both hands tied there.) :wink: I’m much more concerned and frustrated by my target device, the (current code) SONY PSP’s inability to play them.

Yes indeed, I’m using 1-pass and using the PSP profile.


Have you tryed version :confused:
you are a few version behind you know

StormJumper -

Thanks for the response, I really do appreciate everyone’s help. :iagree:

I’ve tried installing the latest versions of DVDFab (including and it makes no difference whatsoever.

Incidentally, the “latest and greatest” version of software isn’t necessarily a “fix” to ANY problem.

This software title in particular has lost some functionality in its “latest and greatest” versions, a sacrifice the writers consciously are making in order to cater to other features.

Another example is Windows, which sacrificed speed and reliability in Win 3.11 for, umm… god-knows-what in Vista’s bloatware.

Thanks Just the same!

Please try to focus on the issue in this thread, and quit hawking your own software! And please don’t write english in caveman dialect mode.

Not that it isn’t very amusing, but it does tend to make you less credible as a source of input. (Caveman Translation: “It make you look toopid.”) :doh: