PSP two pass broken. Anyone able to do two pass for PSP?



Two pass for PSP has never worked for me. I have been only using DVDfab since November though. Is there anyone here that is able to do two pass for their PSP? How are you doing it?

I have tried many versions (incluing the last beta - and I have always had issues doing two pass for PSP (3.3+). I have tried on 2 different machines with both XP (SP2) and Vista 32 bit.

In XP I get the following error:
Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Assertion failled!
Program C:…DVDFabConsole.exe
File: encoder /ratecontrol.c
Line: 1585
Expression: rce->new_qscale >= 0

On Vista I do not get an error message, the program just stalls at beginning of second pass.

I’m running 3.90 firmware on my slim PSP. One pass looks fine… I just would like to do two pass. I’m not playing on TV so I only want my movies 480 pixels wide.

I’m not really clear on why they would continue to have 2 pass as an option if is does not work. I have been waiting nearly 4 months for this to be fixed. Is there anyone out there able to do 2 pass and how do you do it?



Hi flipcody, after reading this post I tried a short off of the Cars movie in two passes and it worked fine. I have the same PSP as you do and the same firmware but I used the psp2000.h264.tvout setting. I’m trying an entire movie, The Illusionist, checking the A/V sync. It has run all night and ain’t finished yet! That’s why I use one pass; two passes just takes too long. It’s about half way through the second pass and humming along. I’ll let it finish today while I’m at work and post the result this afternoon.


filpcody, 2 pass on the PSP, worked fine. Took a loooong time, but it looks great! Might be worth the wait. If yours still won’t work something else must be wrong.


Thanks for your replies 90312!

2-pass works for me as well on the psp2000.h264.tvout setting. I have no need for videos at that high of a resolution though. I never output to tv via PSP and files at that resolution are much bigger. I like to get a bunch of movies on my 4gb card. As I said I’m having problems with the 3.3+ setting.

I’m actually able to get resolutions other than 720x480 with psp2000.h264.tvout. I do this by going to PSP default, de-selecting smaller resolution, re-selecting smaller resolution, and then when I go back to psp2000.h264.tvout the smaller resolution is available. I imagine this is not the way they intended program to work though. For now this is how I’m getting 2-pass on 480x272 psp videos.

90312 (or someone), could you try 2 pass with the 3.3+ setting and see if it works for you? It would be nice to know if this is really an issue and then hopefully it will be addressed in new version.



I sure will try it, but I’m at my desk at work right now. I’ll try this evening.
Do you want me to try 480x272 on the FW 3.30+ setting?


480x272, 2 pass, and FW 3.3+. Please also tell me what OS you are running.



[QUOTE=flipcody;2021713]480x272, 2 pass, and FW 3.3+. Please also tell me what OS you are running.


Exactly as above works fine for me, running XP Home SP2


hmmmm…very odd. I wonder why I have issues on multiple machines with XP and Vista. This must be related to other software that I have installed.

I have a hunch that I will test tomorrow. I’m running Visual Foxpro 9 on these machines (I use for work). I’m thinking there is something with this software that is creating a problems. I will try on different machine without Foxpro.

90312, what hardware are you running it on? Do you have multi core CPU?


This computer came over on the Mayflower! It has a Celeron processor @ 3.20GHz. I did put a couple of GB of RAM in it PC3200. Slow but sure.
I had weird problems early on and found that some packet writing software that I had installed during the Nero installation (InCD) was conflicting with my burning software, just weird and unpredictable results. I blew that off and joy returned. Any software that will format RW-CD or DVD’s and drag and drop files to them should be considered suspect when having burning problems, including to the HDD. Lot’s of folks have found that out the hard way.


It appears that my hunch about FoxPro was correct. I installed Visual FoxPro SP2 and I no longer have problems with 2 pass on PSP settings.


Good trouble shooting!


I spoke to soon…

When I tested on some short films (4 - 8 minutes) it worked fine. It is not working on longer films (80 minutes plus).

I will do some more testing…


Microsoft C++ 2008 and also Netframe 3.5 were just recently released, could this be a possible solution?


I haven’t been home yet to try this… can anyone confirm?


It didn’t work for me… :frowning:


I have just confirmed that the DVDfab 2 pass issue for PSP is not related to other software. I installed DVDFab Platinum on a clean install of XP SP2 and I still had problem. I’m always unable to do 2 passes with the PSP 3.3+ setting on full length movies. I have had the issues on 4 different machines with 4 different DVD drives so I find it very hard to believe that it is hardware related.

I have been public about this issue for over 3 months (including Fengtao’s contact form) and it has not been addressed. I wish the bug would be addressed.

When I google the expression that is creating the problem (“rce->new_qscale >= 0”) it comes up with a bunch of stuff. It looks like some people are trying to deal with a 2 pass vbv handling issue.

Could some other people confirm that there is a problem? 90312 could you try 2 pass on a 80+ minute film?


Could some other people confirm that there is a problem? 90312 could you try 2 pass on a 80+ minute film?[/QUOTE]

Sure, I’ll try one this evening when I get home and report tomorrow. Prolly take all night!



failed, I guess 2 pass is broken!


Thanks for the confirmation Steve. That is the same error box I get in XP. I really hope they address this. While 1 pass looks great it would be nice to do 2 pass when I have the time. 2 pass works great with generic.h264.aac so I’m unclear on why it would not work with PSP. One would think the code would be very similar (if not the same).



sorry for this problem boring you.

I will try to fix this problem.