PSP Thumbnails not showing in VIDEO folder


I’m using DVDFab Platinum My PSP has custom 3.52 firmware. I’m converting DVD’s to PSP format (3.30+ profile). However when I put the files in the VIDEO folder on the stick the PSP just displays a grey box instead of the thumbnail. The thumbnails display OK on the PC using an image viewer. The filenames are defined by me (i.e. not MVXXXX etc) which I believe is OK with 3.30+ FW as is THM files in the VIDEO folder.

Anyone have any ideas?


P.S. Great product by the way!


You need keep the thumbnail file name is the same as “mp4” file, and must be “***.jpg”, I think when you select profile( 3.30+), DVDFab will create it automatically.


If you do not matter which frame is taken as thumbnail, you can use PSP Falconto create/recreate the thumbnails. The operation is very simple, just connect your PSP and click “Auto Generation”.