PSP QUESTION! (ima n00b)

HI, can any1 answer my quesiotion?? i recently jus bought a PSP and i am very happy for it :slight_smile: but…i was wondering if there ar any burners tht can help me burn games on a UMD :rolleyes: and no this is not another stupid question!! so plz help me answer this and if u know reccomend me a good burner…i heard pionneer is good but not sure if tere is one for UMD

P.S ull never regret answering this question :bow: TY and TTFN (ta ta for now)

There are no UMD burners. That is why Sony chose it, to cut down on the pircay. Once they come out with 2GB memory sticks it may be possible to use those. At least I think I read something like that somewhere.