PSP Problems


I’m been using dvdFab platinum happily for the last few months but recently everytime I try to convert and transfer a file to my PSP it comes up with a message saying the file isn’t recognised. I’ve got the latest PSP firmware (as of last night) and have tried 1 pass/2 pass + various resolutions to no avail, has anyone else had a similar problem?



Is it only recently you’ve had trouble transferring the files to your PSP, or have you not been successfull as of yet?

What movies/titles are they?

Current firmware for the PSP is 3.95…is that the one you have?

Its all been working fine months, however since 2/3 nights ago nothing seems to convert I always get the format isn’t recognised message. I’m trying to convert series 4 of 24. I’m on the third disk now and the previous 2 had no problems.

I update the PSP firmware to the latest version last night (I assume thats 3.93).

The strange thing is that an episode that I converted last week still plays ok, but if I try to convert it again it fails…points at a problem with dvdfab I think…

Could you provide an error log?

there is no error as such DVDfab conerts everything ok. However when I transfer the file to my PSP it fails to play.