PSP not just a gaming platform: Movies on UMD

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 Already out  in Japan and slated to be unleashed in the US on the 24th of March, the PSP or  Playstation Portable is now  a movie platform a well. We have known this for some time, but it is...
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I’m not a PSP fan anyways… but does anyone else think it’s crazy to buy a copy of a movie both on DVD, and on a UMD? ::

$30 for a movie? That seems more than a bit expensive, conisdering most new releases get discounted as soon as they appear on the shelves, or simply never sell for $30 (for a single disc package.)

These UMD movies will be of a lower quality than a DVD as well. With only 1.8 on the UMD compared to the almost 9 gig on a DVD there just isn’t room for high quality. Sure they will probalby look fine on the PSP but a lower quality shouldn’t cost more than the better one. They should be selling these UMD discs no more than $10.

First guys, when they say UMD movies will be $20 to $30 they mean retail price. If you stop and think for a second, that’s what the retail price of a DVD is anyway. So in reality, UMD movies will be $15-$19 in the stores. Now if Sony gives Spiderman for free on UMD with a PSP purchase, Sony is a marketing genius but I think this whole UMD thing is a great scam, kind of like cell phone ringtones. Morons complain it’s a rip off, smart business people think up these ideas and get rich off of the dumb people eating them up. This is why none of you guys are rich yet :stuck_out_tongue:
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1.8 GB of data for a movie using MPEG4 compression (with a single sound track) will be just a good as a DVD using MPEG2 compression at about 3 to 4 GB - which is the typical size of the video portion of a dvd movie.

I have no doubt the movies will look great but to actually buy or re-buy movies just to play on this one machine is about as stupid as buying a stand alone DVD recorder for the discs produced to only be able to be played back in that machine. Nintendo DS should release an official encoder and playback cartridge for Compact Flash. They would murder the competition.

You can already encode your own movies onto the PSP :slight_smile: have a look at

rhelic: And you are rich? What was your genius Idea? Anyway, people will buy this, probably mostly kids and HS students. College and older will probably be more conservative and only pick a cheap $10 flick up for the ocasional getaway. At least that’s my prediction. I for one won’t be rebuying any of my dvd’s. I also hope this thing has a tv-out option too so as to serve more incentive.
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I have PSP and i’ve watched movie on my PSP too. I wouldn’t recommend to watch movie on PSP because the screen is too small

Now if they (Sony or 3rd party) will make and distribute a burner and blank discs so people can burn their own movies (ie The TV show you haven’t had time to watch yet). However, I dought this will happen as they (Sony et. al) will just consider it a means to pirate stuff. However, I think they could, it they put their pea size brains to it, come of a solution to make everyone happy. But then again they do have a money sucking vortex instead of a brain.

Well, Sony did make the betamax which led to the VHS VCR we use today. Which got upgraded to DVD-/+R and also TV Card and bittorrent. So they may come out with UMD equipment and maybe HD-DVD or BluRay.