PSP Movies

will anydvd work to record movies to play on PSP. Also does anyone know how to copy movies for the PSP??

If you can figure out how to stuff a DVD into your PSP’s UMD drive…

hehe that made me laugh. i work at a video store, and i had a guy tell me that he returned just the case and the tape was stuck in his dvd player. the first thing i wanted to ask was “wow, how did you get a tape inside a dvd player”

You will need a program like AnyDVD to decrypt your DVD. Then a program to compress it. I noticed that Nero Recode has a profile for PSP, so that may be a good place to start.

as far as i know there’s no such thing as recordable umd discs. are you talking about compressing your dvds to put on a memory stick?

looks like the psp site links to a guide and also reccommends software