>PSP Inconsistent Conversion - ‘Unsupported Data’



I have converted a number of DVDs with the PSP profile (psp.mpeg4.aac.firmware2.8+) I am using, I batched them up to convert overnight with the same profile/settings and all seem to have converted okay (and play in VLC).

However…after transfer to the PSP a number of the files state ‘Unsupported Data’ and won’t play. However a number play fine…

Any ideas of the issue, or how I could assist in troubleshooting?

I am very impressed by DVDFab, keen to get this resolved.

Many thanks.


Hi kamara,

 Update the PSP firmware to 3.93, use the 3.30+ profile and use the 480x272 frame resolution. If you intend to use the PSP’s output to a TV then use 720x480 if not you’ll just waste time and file space. The PSP’s native resolution is 480x272 and that’s all you’ll see no matter how high you go.


Thank you for your help, I had originally been converting using that profile - however it takes ~2hr to convert whereas with the mpeg4 profile takes ~1hr. I am not too worried about the quality, it is for my 5 year old to watch in the car!

The area that concerns me is the the inconsistency, I don’t see why one would work and another would not…

Is there any way of analysing the file to see if there are any differences and maybe see a pattern - I think in another thread there was mention of software that would provide info on the file and encoder etc. I may try to look for the post.

Any other pointers would be appreciated, thanks.


I’d like to echo kmara’s issue. I recently ran into this problem and would like to understand more about why it’s happens. I’ve been using what appears to be the default resolution setting (480X360). On many DVD programs, it works fine. But on some I recently encoded, I got the dreaded “unsupported data” label. I too love this software–the makers really went the extra mile to include all the important features–but this problem is one of those things that will lead me to distrust the software, making it so I have to check every file before “going mobile” which is a pain. I’m sure I’m not understanding something fundamental here.

Also, when I play the file on my computer using QuickTime it plays fine. By the way, I’m enconding one of the the “problem” DVDs using 480X272 as 90312 advises, so am interested to see if that fixes the problem. Also, I was able to encode a “good” file using the old .mp4 format (the one you have to place in the MP_ROOT\100MNV01 folder). For some reason, it worked fine. However, my questions and concerns still stand. Thanks for any and all advice!


OK, did the same movie I had a problem with before using 480X272 instead of 480X360 and … it worked! Plays fine. Question still stands though: why can I encode 20 other movies using 480X360 and they work fine, then I do 3 movies for my kids with the same settings and every one comes up as “unsupportable data?” In any case, I’ll make it a point to do future encodes in 480X272, especially since I don’t plan to play on the TV.

In case anyone is wondering, I’m using DVDFAb Platinum, and a PSP 2000, firmware 3.95 (but the same problem happened with 3.93).


Kmara, what firmware is your PSP and is it a slim? What resolution are you attempting to make files, 480x272?


Thanks for all for your interest, I agree it is the inconsistency that is a pain - it takes ~1hr to encode and then it doesn’t work…aagh!

Unfortunately I can’t do any troubleshooting as my daughter has the PSP (it was for a long (in UK terms!) road trip) she is back on the weekend and I can look to work out if there is any pattern.

I am new to DVDFab (and very fond of it), and I agree that the developers seem to want to fix/improve things - hopefully they will pick up on this thread…

Thanks again.


Hi markwharris, I have a theory and as such I can’t prove a bit of it! Just based on my experience I stick with frame resolutions that both the height and width are evenly divisible by 16. 480x272, 720x480 are all evenly divisible by 16. 480x360 is not, 360/16=22.5. Some movies might work at 480x360 but it is hit or miss, like you have experienced. That is why I recommend 480x272, both 480 and 272 can be evenly divided by 16. 480x272 is also the PSP native resolution and it just works out better.


I use DVDFab Platinum to convert to PSP. I have tried everything. I even did the divisible by 16 trick and that didn’t work. I think I will give up pretty soon. This is crazy that this can’t be done more easily without this unsupported date thing coming up all the time.


Hello cyanfalcon and welcome, don’t give up yet, let’s try to figure this out.
On the second screen press the configure button and in the drop down at the top select “psp.h264.firmware3.30+” and 480x272 resolution. These files go in the “VIDEO” folder in the root directory of the memory stick.


ok, I am going to try to convert HOUSE, but only a chapter to save time for now. The firmware you mentioned is there but the frame resolution is 480x306, 720x540 480x360, 416x312, 400x300, 384x288, 368x276, 352x264, 320x240, 240x180 and 176x132. When you open the Video folder by the way, how does it look from there? Is it Video/MP_ROOT/100MNV01


You can name the file anything you want, I use the name of the movie. Name it on the second screen in both boxes and it will make a jpg thumbnail, copy them both to the VIDEO folder. Smaple.mp4 and sample.jpg


The frame you wanted me to use doesn’t show up though.


Here is what they look like inside the VIDEO folder on the psp.


320x240 should work for sure then go up until you like what you see.


Wow it worked, you are the man or woman. Thanks for you help.


That’s great! Now have some fun with it, and pass it on!

I am a male of the species.



I am trying to watch Spider-Man 3 and when DVDFab finished doing it’s converting I noticed it provided be with two things. It provided me with a .MP4 and .THM. What it didn’t provide me with, was a .JPEG. I think the PSP goes bonkers when you don’t have that .JPEG. It says to itself, DOES NOT COMPUTE, DOES NOT COMPUTE, all b/c you don’t have that little picture. I took the one that came from HOUSE and just renamed it the same name that DVDFab had given to Spidey and just ofcourse left the SUFFIX of .jpeg and it works.


You don’t actually need a thumbnail at all, the psp has a default. It’s pretty plain, just a gray piece of film maybe, but really all you need is the mp4. As you have found out any 160x160 jpg named the same as the mp4 will work. Just experiment with it and have some fun!


[QUOTE=90312;2037254]You don’t actually need a thumbnail at all, the psp has a default. It’s pretty plain, just a gray piece of film maybe, but really all you need is the mp4. As you have found out any 160x160 jpg named the same as the mp4 will work. Just experiment with it and have some fun![/QUOTE]

That should read 160x120 jpg if you want to make your own. Fat fingers!