PSP Firmware faker

For the future PSP games:

Yoshihiro and WAB are proud to bring you The First Firmware Trickz for Gamez that need Firmware 1.52 to run on your PSP and Cant Run UPDATER 1.52 or 2.0

The System think it’s a PSP v1.52 ,v1.0 ,v2.0 even if its a v1.5 or 1.0.

Download it (at your own risk!) here.

Success! My PSP now thinks he’s got firmware 2.00 and i can still run any homebrew i want. :bow:

Didn’t test it on “2.00 dependent” games yet, since i have no such games :slight_smile:

Also from the same team comes the firmware downgrader supposedly to be released on Sept. 1st. Apparently you need 2 psp’s, one with 1.5 firmware. This downgrader will only work on 1.5x and not 2.0. Let’s hope for some this downgrader is for real, but I trust wab, so I am sure it is.

Today i tested my Region 1 PSP 1.50 (faked to 2.00) with a Region 2 UMD 1.52 (DTM Race Driver 2 from CodeMasters).

Although the update does exist on the UMD, it works flawlessly witht the faked firmware. Kudos!

Great to here it works. I bet you could use it to reflash your firmware if you messed something up. Fake it to a 1.0, then run the 1.5 update :slight_smile:

actually, you can’t do this. one user tried to do this and it almost bricked his psp.

Still no news on that downgrader though. Starting to sound kind of fishy, hopefully they will pull through.

What kind of homebrew are we talking about.

Sorry, I’m new to PSP. :o

Glorious homebrew including:
Emulators, Media Players, Http and Ftp access to your PSP, custom made games (squarez, dualtetris etc.) and more to come!

Does any one know where i can get instructions on how to download and make the firmware faker work?
Any help would be great.