Psp Conversion Crash with DVD Fab

I buy/watch alot of anime dvds and I’ve found that for the most part dvd fab is fantastic at copying all of them to dvd, but occasionally it crashes when I try to convert one to psp format. It will only work when I change the config. to psp.h264.firmware.2.8+ . The only problem with this is now I can’t get my psp to recognize/play the converted file. I’ve also tried ripping it to my hard drive and then converting but no luck. I spend alot of time on the bus/train to and from work so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. P.S. The same dvds copy to ipod just fine so what gives?

Transferring to the DVD Fab forum…

Lastest beat appears to have corrected this problem. I had the same result (using psp default to put video on a zune). Lots of crahes, but now everything is fine.

Sorry meant BETA.

Maybe I’m updating wrong but it still crashes when 1st pass starts.