PSP becomes the best console launch ever in the UK



I just posted the article PSP becomes the best console launch ever in the UK.

 The  Platstation Portable (PSP) which has launched on September 1st in the UK has  become the UK's best selling console launch ever, selling about 185,000 units  within the first week of its UK...
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That’s gotta be a lot of dead pixels to RMA… :d


What dead pixels? according to sony Thats the way they are made. so dont argue!


So the deal pixels are just feature that Sony added to the PoSP NeoRonin?


It is bound to be the best launch if they had the machines in the country, when the Playstation launched in 95 Sony only brought 20,000 machines in for the initial launch.


I don’t see the UK launch as being “the best” when they made people wait so long compared to the US/Japan launches.


It’s the best sales lauch for UK it’s not the best launch ever anywhere.


I was talking about the PSP not being the best UK launch.


psp not that good graphics are not very good not like ps2