PSP and Napster

Does anybody know if you can play your Napster songs on the PSP. I doubt it since it’s Sony, but worth a shot. I am thinking about getting a PSP but I just got a Zen Micro not too long ago, so I may wait a little for the price to drop. Thanks.

No. The Napster files only play on supported Napster devices, which it will say on the package if it is supported or not.

Why would you want to get a PSP anyway?

The DS is better and half the price. The only thing PSP has going for it is licensing deals with game developpers. If you buy a DS, good games will be made for the DS.

There’s an MP3/movie player for the DS which only costs $25 and uses CompactFlash cards. Think about that for a minute… $175 vs $300 for two gaming systems which do more or less the same thing; which would you choose?