PSP 1000 cover replacement done in 4 hours

I just replaced my old black PSP 1000 cover with a shiny red one! And it still works!

It’s still crappy here and there (because this PSP has been bought when they were just out and it also has had some nasty eperiences with gravity), but it’s a nice replacement over the old scratchy cover. Took me about 4 hours to get all components out and back into the new cover. The new cover was an el-cheapo from China, so it doesn’t fit that well, but more than enough for my purposes.

I used this tutorial to aid me in the process.

Bit of advice: This is pretty difficult if you don’t take your time for it.

Next project: A pink DS for the missus. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2566463]Next project: A pink DS for the missus. :)[/QUOTE]

Took me about 3 hours of my life, but the missus has a nice pink Nintendo DS now. :slight_smile:

It was pretty easy to disassemble the DS. Partial because the original grey casing was already broken numerous times. (It had some adventures with gravity over the years as well as the PSP). I mainly used a single sheet of printed text explaining the method of disassembling.

There are not that many seperate components in a DS. The most frustrating things to reassemble were the top screen connector and the wireless antenna. For the rest it was pretty much an exercise of taking a component and putting it back in the new casing.

Both the PSP and the DS can be back in action for years and years.

Next project: Repairing a completely disassembled Nintendo DS lite with a brand new casing and a brand new top screen. This is gonna take a while. :slight_smile: