PSP 10 and PSP Photo X2

I don’t know why either of these programs do not work anymore. I have re-installed them; tried using them without my anti-virus progarm. All to no avail. This time last week all was fine.

I have a Compaq Presario laptop using XP OS (I changed from Vista).
I am using Norton 360.

Please help The Corel site was NO help. They told me PSP 10 was too old.

I deleted SP3 and still cannot get these two programs to open. However, I added PSP 7 and it works just fine. As you can see, I have been a PSP user for quite a while.

What is PSP 10? Have you downloaded the newest PSP Manager it is free?

[U][B]Download PSP Media Go 1.1[/B][/U]

The perfect entertainment organizer, Media Go makes it easier than ever to take your media with you wherever you go. Transfer music, photos, and videos from your PC to your Sony or Sony Ericsson portable device, or import from your device to your PC. File conversion is hassle-free: Media Go automatically converts your media to the appropriate format for your device while maintaining the best possible quality.

[B]Main Features:[/B]

[li]Easily transfer music, photos, audiobooks, audio clips, and videos to and from your Sony and Sony Ericsson portable devices
[/li][li]Subscribe to podcasts and video blogs and automatically download new episodes
[/li][li]Discover new video and audio podcasts from around the world in Media Go’s podcast directory
[/li][li]Rip songs from your CDs and transfer them to your Sony and Sony Ericsson portable devices
[/li][li]Look up album and artist information and artwork from Gracenote® MusicID®
[/li][li]Organize and search your entire media collection with ease
[/li][li]Add useful ratings to your media and use them to sort your media
[/li][li]Purchase new media from online stores, including:
[/li] o Sony Ericsson PlayNowâ„¢ arena
o Partner stores
o PlayStation® Store
[li]Automatically synchronize content like playlists, podcasts, and recently added media to your Sony and Sony Ericsson portable devices
[/li][li]See overviews of your devices so you can monitor total space used and total space available
[/li][li]Add SensMeâ„¢ data to your music files and create playlists based on the music’s mood and beats per minute
[/li][li]Play your media using several different views: compact, large-screen, or full-screen
[/li][li]Purchase, backup, and restore PSPâ„¢ games [/ul]
Installing Media Go:

[li][U][B]Click Here[/B][/U] to download Media Go and save it in a place that is easy to find, such as your PC desktop.
[/li][li]When the download is complete, double-click the downloaded file. The installation wizard for Media Go displays. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
[/li][li]During installation, you may be prompted to install additional software components that are necessary to run Media Go. If prompted, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the components.[/ol]
Remember some of these features may or will not work on the older platforms.

[QUOTE=Dr. Who;2300209]What is PSP 10?[/QUOTE]

He means Paint Shop Pro from Corel :slight_smile: (It used to be Jasc, but Corel bought the company)

Isn’t it time you upgrade your product to the latest version ?